[ { "title": "Enhancing test scripts", "publication_date": "2012/31/07", "number": "09026853", "url": "/2012/07/31/enhancing-test-scripts/", "abstract": "Example embodiments disclosed herein relate to enhancing test scripts with dynamic data. The disclosed embodiments include receiving production data that reflects real user interaction with an application process. Test scripts are generated based on the production data, where the test scripts simulate behavior relating to execution of the application process. The embodiments also include automatically enhancing the test scripts with dynamic data that includes at least one of correlation data and asynchronous data.", "owner": "Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.", "owner_city": "Houston", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Application programming interface testing services", "publication_date": "2012/25/04", "number": "09600402", "url": "/2012/04/25/application-programming-interface-testing-services2/", "abstract": "Technologies and implementations for providing an application programming interface (API) testing services for transferring data center services. In some examples, multiple API calls used by a service at an origin data center are converted into respective test segments. An API test module including each of the test segments is formed for a multiple number of target data centers and the API test module is transmitted from the origin data center to the target data center centers for execution at the target data centers. One or more test results based at least in part on the transmitted API test module being executed at the target data centers are received, and a report based on the one or more test results that indicates which of the application programming interface calls from the origin data center are compatible with the target data centers is generated.", "owner": "EMPIRE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT LLC", "owner_city": "Wilmington", "owner_country": "US" } ]