[ { "title": "System and method for providing controlled application programming interface security", "publication_date": "2012/12/09", "number": "08955067", "url": "/2012/09/12/system-and-method-for-providing-controlled-application-programming-interface-security/", "abstract": "A system and method for providing access to data of a user or services relevant to a user. A customer data key is created by a server that is specific to an application, the user of the application, and the device upon which the application resides. The server may receive an application programming interface call to create the customer data key; however, any call accessing or affecting user-specific data which does not contain a valid and authorized customer data key may be rejected. To authorize access to the offered data or services, the user conducts an entirely separate transaction not mediated by the application. During this separate transaction, the customer data key may be activated, permitting access to the data or services using the activated customer data key.", "owner": "Capital One, NA", "owner_city": "Glen Allen", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "System and method for application program operation on a wireless device", "publication_date": "2012/30/07", "number": "08699999", "url": "/2012/07/30/system-and-method-for-application-program-operation-on-a-wireless-device/", "abstract": "Embodiments described herein address mobile devices with non-secure operating systems that do not provide a sufficient security framework. More particularly, the embodiments described herein provide a set of applications to the device for providing security features to the non-secure operating system.", "owner": "BlackBerry Limited", "owner_city": "Waterloo, Ontario", "owner_country": "CA" }, { "title": "Double sand-boxing for flash library", "publication_date": "2012/06/07", "number": "08844052", "url": "/2012/07/06/double-sandboxing-for-flash-library/", "abstract": "A Flash advertisement is provided, and access to sensitive data associated with the Flash advertisement is restricted. First library code is stored at a first security domain, the first library code to control playback of the Flash advertisement; and second library code is stored at a second security domain, the second library code to access the sensitive data. An application at a third security domain is permitted to access the first library code, and only code residing at the first security domain is permitted to access the second library code.", "owner": "Google Inc.", "owner_city": "Mountain View", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "On-demand service security system and method for managing a risk of access as a condition of permitting access to the on-demand service", "publication_date": "2012/19/03", "number": "08898753", "url": "/2012/03/19/ondemand-service-security-system-and-method-for-managing-a-risk-of-access-as-a-condition-of-permitting-access-to-the-ondemand-service/", "abstract": "Provided are mechanisms and methods for managing a risk of access to an on-demand service as a condition of permitting access to the on-demand service. These mechanisms and methods for providing such management can help prohibit an unauthorized user from accessing an account of an authorized user when the authorized user inadvertently loses login information. The ability to provide such management may lead to an improved security feature for accessing on-demand services.", "owner": "salesforce.com, inc.", "owner_city": "San Francisco", "owner_country": "US" } ]