[ { "title": "Method and system for securing a third party communication with a hosting web page", "publication_date": "2012/12/12", "number": "08997178", "url": "/2012/12/12/method-and-system-for-securing-a-third-party-communication-with-a-hosting-web-page/", "abstract": "A method and system for securing hosting web pages from malicious third party modules. The method includes uploading a third party module to a hosting web page; validating a proxy API call received from the third party module, wherein the proxy API call includes at least a payload parameter provided by the third party module; generating an engine API call including at least the payload parameter; validating the engine API call; and executing the payload parameter if the engine API call is validated.", "owner": "Sizmek Technologies Ltd.", "owner_city": "Herzliya", "owner_country": "IL" }, { "title": "Cloud-based hub for facilitating distribution and consumption of application programming interfaces", "publication_date": "2012/19/11", "number": "09077773", "url": "/2012/11/19/cloudbased-hub-for-facilitating-distribution-and-consumption-of-application-programming-interfaces/", "abstract": "Systems and methods for facilitating distribution of application programming interfaces (APIs) in a social hub are described herein. The social API hub enables users (i.e., API consumers) to access (e.g., search, test, and/or otherwise utilize or consume) APIs that other users (i.e., API developers) submitted to the hub in a standardized manner. Additionally, users can wrap submitted APIs in a standard description format and add various add-ons on top of an existing API infrastructure in order to provide additional functionality.", "owner": "Mashape, Inc.", "owner_city": "San Francisco", "owner_country": "US" } ]