[ { "title": "", "publication_date": "2017/07/12", "number": "", "url": "/2017/12/07/2012-09-15-system-and-method-for-dynamic-asr-based-on-social-media2/", "abstract": "", "owner": "", "owner_city": "", "owner_country": "" }, { "title": "", "publication_date": "2017/07/12", "number": "", "url": "/2017/12/07/2012-06-29-network-acquired-behavioral-fingerprint-for-authentication/", "abstract": "", "owner": "", "owner_city": "", "owner_country": "" }, { "title": "Social networking behavior-based identity system", "publication_date": "2012/11/12", "number": "09166961", "url": "/2012/12/11/social-networking-behaviorbased-identity-system/", "abstract": "Disclosed are various embodiments for a social networking behavior-based identity system that employs social networking data that a user has elected to share through an opt-in procedure. First social networking data is stored in association with a user identity. An assertion of the user identity is received from a client after the first social networking data is stored. Second social networking data is received in response to receiving the assertion of the user identity. An identity confidence level as to whether the user identity belongs to a user at the client is generated based at least in part on a comparison of the second social networking data with the first social networking data.", "owner": "Amazon Technologies, Inc.", "owner_city": "Seattle", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Personal assistant context building", "publication_date": "2012/07/12", "number": "09171092", "url": "/2012/12/07/personal-assistant-context-building/", "abstract": "Technologies related to personal assistant context building are generally described. In some examples, network service communications, such as network traffic resulting from the use of mobile applications or “apps” on a mobile device, may be captured, parsed, and included in personal assistant context databases for use in configuring automated personal assistant user interaction operations. In some examples, parsing services may be provided to parse forwarded network service communications and generate converted data for inclusion in personal assistant context databases.", "owner": "EMPIRE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT LLC", "owner_city": "Wilmington", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Interference management in wireless communication networks", "publication_date": "2012/30/11", "number": "09020546", "url": "/2012/11/30/interference-management-in-wireless-communication-networks/", "abstract": "A scheme to reduce the problem of radio interference between wireless devices such as MTC devices in a multi-RAT scenario. Wireless devices are configured (S) for interference reporting in accordance with their capabilities. Information is collected, not only on interference measurements reported by the wireless devices, but also on device signatures (S) and transmission patterns (S) for the purpose of attributing interference, suffered by a reporting device, to one or more offending devices (S). One or more mitigation techniques is then applied to the offending device and/or the reporting device (S-S). The scheme provides an additional stability mechanism for existing interference mitigation and co-existence schemes by using device management and avoiding potential conflicts across diverse systems. Under the assumption that geographically co-located devices are all using a common service platform, the centralized algorithm permits more efficient solutions than existing interference mitigation solutions.", "owner": "Fujitsu Limited", "owner_city": "Kawasaki", "owner_country": "JP" }, { "title": "Dynamically enabling a channel for message reception in a mesh network", "publication_date": "2012/10/09", "number": "08885482", "url": "/2012/09/10/dynamically-enabling-a-channel-for-message-reception-in-a-mesh-network/", "abstract": "In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for operating a node in a wireless mesh network to scan each one of a plurality of channels received at a processing node in a wireless mesh network in a predetermined order for a predetermined duration to detect a preamble; detect the preamble on one of the plurality of channels; remain on a current one of the plurality of channels to receive a message after the predetermined duration when the preamble includes a predetermined series of symbols; and resume scanning each one of the plurality of channels after the message is received.", "owner": "", "owner_city": "", "owner_country": "" }, { "title": "Information processing apparatus and control method of the same", "publication_date": "2012/06/09", "number": "08955116", "url": "/2012/09/06/information-processing-apparatus-and-control-method-of-the-same/", "abstract": "A device function to be used by an application is specified, a risk level of the specified device function is acquired, and a risk level of the application is calculated based on the acquired risk level of the device function.", "owner": "Canon Kabushiki Kaisha", "owner_city": "Tokyo", "owner_country": "JP" }, { "title": "Ranking search results based on the frequency of access on the search results by users of a social-networking system", "publication_date": "2012/04/09", "number": "08914392", "url": "/2012/09/04/ranking-search-results-based-on-the-frequency-of-access-on-the-search-results-by-users-of-a-socialnetworking-system/", "abstract": "Particular embodiments access a search query submitted by a first user of a social-networking system; identify one or more web pages in response to the search query; for each of the one or more web pages, determine a value indicating a number of user clicks associated with the web page by one or more second users of the social-networking system who are connected to the first user within the social-networking system; and send a set of hyperlinks for the one or more web pages, wherein hyperlinks for web pages where the value is greater than zero are visually emphasized over other hyperlinks.", "owner": "Facebook, Inc.", "owner_city": "Menlo Park", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Selectively enabling packet concatenation based on a transaction boundary", "publication_date": "2012/22/08", "number": "08611222", "url": "/2012/08/22/selectively-enabling-packet-concatenation-based-on-a-transaction-boundary/", "abstract": "A system, apparatus, and method are directed towards selectively combining data into a packet to modify a number of packets transmitted over a network based on a detection of a transaction boundary. If it is determined to concatenate the data, such concatenation may continue until an acknowledgement (ACK) is received, or a predetermined amount of data is concatenated in the packet, or a transaction boundary is detected. If at least one of these conditions is satisfied, concatenation may be inhibited, and the packet may be sent. Concatenation is then re-enabled. In one embodiment, Nagle's algorithm is used for concatenating data into a packet. In one embodiment, an ACK may be sent based on a write completion indicator included within a packet. Receipt of the ACK may disable concatenation.", "owner": "F5 Networks, Inc.", "owner_city": "Seattle", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Vehicle communication, analysis and operation system", "publication_date": "2012/17/07", "number": "09014888", "url": "/2012/07/17/vehicle-communication-analysis-and-operation-system/", "abstract": "A communication and analysis system can manage data operations with a vehicle centric system. A vehicle that is in a communications link with a network can also manage its activities based on real-time, historical and predictive knowledge, without having this knowledge processing on-board. Such data processing includes the geo-spatial, internal functions and operator specific requirements. The rule based system also incorporates the use patterns of a specific vehicle, or a specific user. A use pattern can be transferred from one operator to another or be shared to assist with navigation and operations. A vehicle operator or vehicle multiple operators can share or upload information that can assist with efficient operations, including fuel conservation and time management. Use patterns can be assigned to geospatial regions and be used for comparative analysis for such activities as efficient operation, safe travel and navigation.", "owner": "Saturna Green Systems Inc.", "owner_city": "Vancouver", "owner_country": "CA" }, { "title": "System and method for unified metadata brokering and policy-based content resolution in a video architecture", "publication_date": "2012/06/07", "number": "08887214", "url": "/2012/07/06/system-and-method-for-unified-metadata-brokering-and-policybased-content-resolution-in-a-video-architecture/", "abstract": "A method is provided in one example embodiment and includes establishing a connection between a client and a messaging fabric associated with a video system that includes a metadata broker element; storing metadata information associated with content, where the content is associated with a release uniform resource locator (URL); and generating a content guide, (e.g., an electronic program guide) that includes a plurality of content definitions (e.g., channels). A particular content (e.g., program) in the content guide is associated with a particular release URL that can be translated into a more specific URL based on a number of criteria.", "owner": "Cisco Technology, Inc.", "owner_city": "San Jose", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "System and method for enabling pairing of a companion device with a mate device for performing a companion service", "publication_date": "2012/06/07", "number": "08676995", "url": "/2012/07/06/system-and-method-for-enabling-pairing-of-a-companion-device-with-a-mate-device-for-performing-a-companion-service/", "abstract": "A method is provided in one example embodiment and includes establishing a connection between a first client and a messaging fabric of a conductor element associated with a video system; receiving a request to perform a companion service with a second client; authenticating the first client via a client directory based on an identifier associated with the first client; receiving a pair message from the first client for the second client; and verifying whether the two clients can be paired in order to perform the companion service. Companion service commands can be authorized/policy checked and resulting commands on the second client may appear as-if they had been triggered locally.", "owner": "Cisco Technology, Inc.", "owner_city": "San Jose", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Notification of security question compromise level based on social network interactions", "publication_date": "2012/29/06", "number": "09571514", "url": "/2012/06/29/notification-of-security-question-compromise-level-based-on-social-network-interactions2/", "abstract": "An approach is provided to improve security of security questions. In the approach, the system prompts a user for a security question. The security question and security answer associated with the security question are received by the system using a user input to the information handling system. Network-accessible data stores, such as social network accounts, are searched for the security answer resulting in search results. The searching results reveal a risk level which is identified by the system. The identified risk level is provided to the user, such as at a display device.", "owner": "International Business Machines Corporation", "owner_city": "Armonk", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Dynamic security question compromise checking based on incoming social network postings", "publication_date": "2012/29/06", "number": "08856943", "url": "/2012/06/29/dynamic-security-question-compromise-checking-based-on-incoming-social-network-postings/", "abstract": "An approach is provided to secure security questions by checking posts directed at a social network. In the approach, requested post is received from one of the social network users. The content of the requested post is compared to previously established security questions and corresponding security answers, either established by the user or by another user. The requested post is allowed when the comparison reveals that the content does not compromise one of the previously established security questions and corresponding security answers. However, the requested post is rejected if the comparison reveals that the content compromises one of the previously established security questions and corresponding security answers.", "owner": "International Business Machines Corporation", "owner_city": "Armonk", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Telecommunication networks", "publication_date": "2012/25/06", "number": "09154994", "url": "/2012/06/25/telecommunication-networks/", "abstract": "A mobile telecommunications network includes a core network and a radio access network. The radio access network has a network node that wirelessly communicates with a mobile terminal registered with the radio access network. The radio access network includes a controller that controls the use of network resources by the mobile terminal and processes control plane signaling. The controller includes an applicator that receives policy information and/or routing information from the core network and provides instructions to the network node to act in accordance with the received information. The network node includes an enforcer that enforces the instructions received from the controller so as to control whether the terminal uplink user plane traffic and control plane signalling messages are passed to the core network, routed to the controller, or duplicated and provided to both the core network and the controller.", "owner": "VODAFONE IP LICENSING LIMITED", "owner_city": "Newbury, Bershire", "owner_country": "GB" }, { "title": "Using battery-powered nodes in a mesh network", "publication_date": "2012/20/06", "number": "08724532", "url": "/2012/06/20/using-batterypowered-nodes-in-a-mesh-network/", "abstract": "In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for configuring a constant powered mesh network node to control a configuration of an intermittently powered mesh network node, where the intermittently powered mesh network node may include a repeater node that periodically powers down for a time period to conserve energy. The embodiments include transmitting a message beam to the repeater node, where a duration of the message beam length may exceed the time period that the repeater node is powered down, and where the message beam may contain a preamble with data that may indicate that the repeater node is to remain powered up in order to receive a message, and may cause the intermittently powered mesh network node to request configuration information relating to a network topology from the constant powered mesh network node when the intermittently powered mesh network node powers up.", "owner": "", "owner_city": "", "owner_country": "" }, { "title": "Network control of applications using application states", "publication_date": "2012/08/06", "number": "08995339", "url": "/2012/06/08/network-control-of-applications-using-application-states/", "abstract": "Techniques for network control of application states of applications associated with a communication device are presented herein. An application agent, associated with an application used by the communication device, controls transitioning the application between application states based on network indicators received or network events detected from a communication network. The application states include active state or doze state. An application management component associated with the communication network at least partially controls transitioning the application between application states to facilitate controlling network traffic or reducing network congestion. The application agent or application management component can map application states to various factors, including radio states, congestion level, application performance indicators, network policies, or user policies, to facilitate determining which application state to apply to an application at a given time. The application agent can be in a centralized location, or at a same or different location as the application source.", "owner": "AT&T Mobility II LLC", "owner_city": "Atlanta", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Crawling multiple markets and correlating", "publication_date": "2012/30/05", "number": "09043919", "url": "/2012/05/30/crawling-multiple-markets-and-correlating/", "abstract": "A crawler program collects and stores application programs including application binaries and associated metadata from any number of sources such as official application marketplaces and alternative application marketplaces. An analysis including comparisons and correlations are performed among the collected data in order to detect and warn users about pirated or maliciously modified applications.", "owner": "LOOKOUT, INC.", "owner_city": "San Francisco", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Secure delivery of flash content over networks", "publication_date": "2012/30/04", "number": "08484364", "url": "/2012/04/30/secure-delivery-of-flash-content-over-networks/", "abstract": "A method for securing delivery of flash content over a network includes rewriting flash content action code capable of making a network request for flash content to redirect network communication associated with the flash content to a network device.", "owner": "Juniper Networks, Inc.", "owner_city": "Sunnyvale", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "System and method for managing resources in virtualized environment based on resource state information and policy information", "publication_date": "2012/23/02", "number": "09430264", "url": "/2012/02/23/system-and-method-for-managing-resources-in-virtualized-environment-based-on-resource-state-information-and-policy-information/", "abstract": "The present invention discloses a system of managing resources in virtualized environment, including OSS and its associated NMS and EMS, service delivery platform, master, slave, network switches and shared storage devices. Virtual machines run on the slave. Service delivery platform is connected to the OSS, and sends a request to master for resources. Master is connected to network switch and slaves, and controls slaves and virtual machines running on slave. Slave is connected to network switch, shared storage device and TMN. Shared storage device is connected to network switch, slave and master. The disclosed invention can efficiently and reliably manage physical device resources (including servers, storage, network equipment, etc.) and virtual device resources (including virtual machines, virtual storage, virtual switches, etc.) centrally, and implements transaction-level management of all kinds of resources in virtualized environment through a distributed transaction processing method.", "owner": "Transoft (Shanghai), Inc.", "owner_city": "Shanghai", "owner_country": "CN" }, { "title": "Apparatus, system, and method for annotation of media files with sensor data", "publication_date": "2012/21/02", "number": "09509968", "url": "/2012/02/21/apparatus-system-and-method-for-annotation-of-media-files-with-sensor-data/", "abstract": "Embodiments of methods for multimedia annotation with sensor data (referred to herein as Sensor-rich video) includes acquisition, management, storage, indexing, transmission, search, and display of video, images, or sound, that has been recorded in conjunction with additional sensor information (such as, but not limited to, global positioning system information (latitude, longitude, altitude), compass directions, WiFi fingerprints, ambient lighting conditions, etc.). The collection of sensor information is acquired on a continuous basis during recording. For example, the GPS information may be continuously acquired from a corresponding sensor at every second during the recording of a video. Therefore, the acquisition apparatus generates a continuous stream of video frames and a continuous stream of sensor meta-data values. The two streams are correlated in that every video frame is associated with a set of sensor values. Note that the sampling frequency (i.e., the frequency at which sensor values can be measured) is dependent on the type of sensor. For example, a GPS sensor may be sampled at 1-second intervals while a compass sensor may be sampled at 50 millisecond intervals. Video is also sampled at a specific rate, such as 25 or 30 frames per second. Sensor data are associated with each frame. If sensor data has not changed from the previous frame (due to a low sampling rate) then the previously measured data values are used. The resulting combination of a video and a sensor stream is called a sensor-rich video.", "owner": "National University of Singapore", "owner_city": "Singapore", "owner_country": "SG" }, { "title": "Digital data processing systems and methods for searching and communicating via a social network", "publication_date": "2012/09/01", "number": "09547876", "url": "/2012/01/09/digital-data-processing-systems-and-methods-for-searching-and-communicating-via-a-social-network2/", "abstract": "A method for querying the collective social network on behalf of a limited group of users is described. The method consists of a system that schedules and executes searches according to a set of search objectives specified by the users. The system searches each member's social network for a connection that matches any search objective.", "owner": "Lattice Engines, Inc.", "owner_city": "San Mateo", "owner_country": "US" } ]