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The templates are combined with metadata that define a database schema and operations on the database schema. An SQL file instantiates the database schema on a database system being tested. Operations on the database schema may then be performed to assess the performance of the database system being tested.", "owner": "SAP SE", "owner_city": "Walldorf", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Self-service administration of a database", "publication_date": "2012/15/09", "number": "08713061", "url": "/2012/09/15/selfservice-administration-of-a-database/", "abstract": "Administrative aspects of a data environment, such as the creation, deletion, and management of databases, are managed using a set of self-service Web services of a separate control environment. A user can submit a Web services call into an externally-facing interface of the control environment. The control environment can receive the call, extract information from the call, and determine appropriate actions to be performed in the data environment. A workflow can be instantiated that includes tasks used to perform the action in the data environment. Such an approach allows administrative aspects of the data environment to be managed through Web service calls to the control environment. Native access to databases in the data environment is provided using at least one externally-facing interface of the data environment, without accessing the control environment.", "owner": "Amazon Technologies, Inc.", "owner_city": "Reno", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Control service for relational data management", "publication_date": "2012/15/09", "number": "08706764", "url": "/2012/09/15/control-service-for-relational-data-management/", "abstract": "Aspects of a data environment, such as the creation, provisioning, and management of data stores and instances, are managed using a separate control environment. A user can call into an interface of the control environment, the call being analyzed to determine actions to be performed in the data environment. A monitoring component of the control plane also can periodically communicate with the data environment to determine any necessary actions to be performed, such as to recover from faults or events in the data environment. A workflow can be instantiated that includes tasks necessary to perform the action. For each task, state information can be passed to a component in the data environment operable to perform the task, until all tasks for an action are completed. Data in the data environment can be accessed directly using a separate interface of the data environment, without accessing the control plane.", "owner": "Amazon Technologies, Inc.", "owner_city": "Reno", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Cloning and recovery of data volumes", "publication_date": "2012/15/09", "number": "08612396", "url": "/2012/09/15/cloning-and-recovery-of-data-volumes/", "abstract": "Aspects of a data environment, such as the cloning, hibernation, and recovery of databases, are managed using a separate control environment. A monitoring component of the control environment can periodically communicate with the data environment to determine any necessary actions to be performed, such as to recover from faults or events for a data instance in the data environment. A workflow can be instantiated that includes tasks necessary to perform actions such as recovery, hibernation, resumption from hibernation, or backup or cloning. Tasks of the workflow can cause certain jobs to be performed by host managers in the data environment to effect calls made to the control environment.", "owner": "Amazon Technologies, Inc.", "owner_city": "Reno", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Multi-tenant service management in a VoIP network", "publication_date": "2012/31/08", "number": "08509226", "url": "/2012/08/31/multitenant-service-management-in-a-voip-network/", "abstract": "A system and method for aggregating services within a VoIP network. The VoIP network comprises a plurality of vendors, resellers, and users, and each reseller aggregates a plurality of services from the vendors and other resellers. Each type of service may be organized into two or more tiers, with each tier including one or more services. Each tier is presented to downstream users as a single price and is re-branded with the reseller's branding elements. Downstream users can select a desired service from a given tier, and the tier may automatically select a service that maximizes the profit for the reseller.", "owner": "Orisha Holdings, L.L.C.", "owner_city": "Austin", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Jurisdictional control in a wagering game system plugin architecture", "publication_date": "2012/28/08", "number": "08662992", "url": "/2012/08/28/jurisdictional-control-in-a-wagering-game-system-plugin-architecture/", "abstract": "A wagering game system and operations for a wagering game system include a plugin architecture and framework in which wagering game system applications utilize plugins to provide functionality for an application or service. The plugins may be independently tested and verified by a jurisdictional testing agent to confirm that the operation of the plugin complies with the rules and regulations for a jurisdiction. If plugins are added or updated, a system vendor may submit only those plugins that require jurisdictional approval to a testing agent. An application or service may download plugins that are approved for use in the jurisdiction in which the application or service is operating.", "owner": "WMS Gaming, Inc.", "owner_city": "Waukegan", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Methods and devices for managing a cloud computing environment", "publication_date": "2012/10/08", "number": "09043751", "url": "/2012/08/10/methods-and-devices-for-managing-a-cloud-computing-environment/", "abstract": "Methods, devices, and systems for management of a cloud computing environment for use by a software application. The cloud computing environment may be an N-tier environment. Multiple cloud providers may be used to provide the cloud computing environment.", "owner": "Kaavo, Inc.", "owner_city": "Austin", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Multimodal portable communication interface for accessing video content", "publication_date": "2012/08/08", "number": "08514197", "url": "/2012/08/08/multimodal-portable-communication-interface-for-accessing-video-content/", "abstract": "A portable communication device has a touch screen display that receives tactile input and a microphone that receives audio input. The portable communication device initiates a query for media based at least in part on tactile input and audio input. The touch screen display is a multi-touch screen. The portable communication device sends an initiated query and receives a text response indicative of a speech to text conversion of the query. The portable communication device then displays video in response to tactile input and audio input.", "owner": "AT&T Intellectual Property I, L.P.", "owner_city": "Atlanta", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Method and system for filtering common fields across multiple data sets", "publication_date": "2012/24/07", "number": "09613326", "url": "/2012/07/24/method-and-system-for-filtering-common-fields-across-multiple-data-sets2/", "abstract": "A system and method for display of graphical components on a user interface. Multiple components may be displayed on a graphical user interface an active dashboard. Each component is a graphical representation of a report generated from plurality of data fields stored in objects on a database. At least some of the reports are generated from different data models. The displayed components are filtered on the basis of at least one data field that is a common field among the different data models.", "owner": "salesforce.com, inc.", "owner_city": "San Francisco", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Collaborative video application for remote servicing", "publication_date": "2012/30/05", "number": "09307293", "url": "/2012/05/30/collaborative-video-application-for-remote-servicing/", "abstract": "One embodiment of the present invention provides a system for sharing annotated videos. During operation, the system establishes a real-time video-sharing session between a remote field computer and a local computer. During the established real-time video-sharing session, the system receives a real-time video stream from a remote field computer, forwards the real-time video stream to a local computer to allow an expert to provide an annotation to the real-time video stream, receives the annotation from the local computer, and forwards the annotation to the remote field computer, which associates the annotation with a corresponding portion of the real-time video stream and displays the annotation on top of the corresponding portion of the real-time video stream.", "owner": "PALO ALTO RESEARCH CENTER INCORPORATED", "owner_city": "Palo Alto", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Offline provisioning of virtual machines", "publication_date": "2012/07/03", "number": "09116735", "url": "/2012/03/07/offline-provisioning-of-virtual-machines/", "abstract": "An offline provisioning system provides a facility for provisioning a virtual machine without requiring that the virtual machine be launched. The system extends the configuration file or other mechanism used for storing virtual hardware configuration to store provisioning information for software state. The system uses the configuration information for pushing selective contents of the configuration information into the guest virtual machine as it is launched to perform guest provisioning. With these changes in place, a guest virtual machine can be provisioned when the virtual machine image is offline and not running. The system can even perform provisioning before an appropriate host has been identified to launch the guest virtual machine. This allows for much more rapid deployment and provisioning of virtual machines and frees administrative resources for other tasks.", "owner": "Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC", "owner_city": "Redmond", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Code signing system and method", "publication_date": "2012/06/03", "number": "09633178", "url": "/2012/03/06/code-signing-system-and-method2/", "abstract": "A code signing system and method is provided. The code signing system operates in conjunction with a signed software application having a digital signature and includes an application platform, an application programming interface (API), and a virtual machine. The API is configured to link the software application with the application platform. The virtual machine verifies the authenticity of the digital signature in order to control access to the API by the software application.", "owner": "BlackBerry Limited", "owner_city": "Waterloo, Ontario", "owner_country": "CA" }, { "title": "Verification of portable consumer device for 3-D secure services", "publication_date": "2012/10/01", "number": "08313022", "url": "/2012/01/10/verification-of-portable-consumer-device-for-3d-secure-services/", "abstract": "Apparatuses, methods, and systems pertaining to the verification of portable consumer devices for 3-D Secure Systems are disclosed. In one implementation, a verification token is coupled to a computer by a USB connection so as to use the computer's networking facilities. The verification token reads identification information from a user's portable consumer device (e.g., credit card) and sends the information to a validation entry over a communications network using the computer's networking facilities. The validation entity applies one or more validation tests to the information that it receives from the verification token. If a selected number of tests are passed, the validation entity sends a 3-D Secure datum to the verification token. The verification token may enter the 3-D Secure datum into a hidden field of a Purchase Authentication Page appearing on the computer's display.", "owner": "", "owner_city": "", "owner_country": "" }, { "title": "API wizard", "publication_date": "2012/04/01", "number": "08863156", "url": "/2012/01/04/api-wizard/", "abstract": "A system for interacting with a database has interface software for enabling communication between a spreadsheet program and a database API. The interface software dynamically reads API parameter information in order to allow a user to select the fields to be added to a loader template. Using the loader template, a user can access the database with the spreadsheet program in order to add, edit or retrieve data from the database.", "owner": "AppCentric Solutions, LLC", "owner_city": "Stamford", "owner_country": "US" } ]